Cool: adjective

Soul 'Eater' Evans

'The Last Death Scythe' at your service

{Indie RP}

{warning: my Soul is one of those deep emotional fuck heads that think a lot.}



     E-Excuse me?..


     Why was he cranky? Did he need a nap or something?

   That could be it. He hasn’t had his daily nap yet. 
 ”You’re not actually lookin’ at me are you?” People have been approaching him lately; he just figured it was happening again. Whoops.


    “Yeah, whadd’ya want?” What’s with all these weapons following him all of a sudden? He isn’t sure if he should be irritated or flattered.



{/That’s a shame because Nicole already beat him to it. In his own bed.}

   ” —Damn it.”
    A very very quiet curse and now he attempts to get his pillow back. At least part of it. 



Oh— That was Maka’s weapon. She was pretty sure, anyway. “My name is Tsugumi Harudori, eh it’s nice to properly meet you” She bowed, smiling slightly.

    An eyebrow rose for a moment in reaction to her proper introduction. He wasn’t quite used to it, to be honest. People in this school were usually so crazy.

"Uh, yeah. Soul Eater. Nice to meet’cha too." Even though they did speak once before, as brief as it may have been. It was when his Meister was trying to sell her books right..? "Were you looking for Maka or somethin?"

    "I’m ready for a nap."


    “Oh.. its you.” He thought he found those pigtails familiar. Maka talked to this girl once in a while, didn’t she? “What’s up.. uh.. what was your name again?”




{{;;♚ — ||

"Unfortunately, I have no idea. I haven’t heard from him all day actually. If you need some help looking, though."

   ”Nah.. it would be too much of a hassle. If BlackSTAR wants to be found, knowing him he’ll find a way.” That idiot always managed to find everyone’s attention somehow. Even if it meant breaking something that would piss the Shinigami off. But Soul usually got a good chuckle out of that.

M a k a:


                  Her face could’ve been twenty different shades of red. "We’re dating now, okay?" How damn daring of him. Not that she minded — it wasn’t like she was about to declare them a couple … that was his job, and she left it to him. Seeing this side of him was different, but welcomed. “Jeez, you’ve been blushing this entire time Soul. How uncool of you.” The slightest giggle after noticing his hand venturing to the back of his neck. He was actually flustered, which was somewhat comforting; but in a strange way. That only went to show that he was just as nervous as she.

                   She thanked him for that.

                   Then again there were many things she should have thanked him for, previous of this conversion but she would save them for a different situation. The Grigori was comfortable, for once. No more worry about unnecessary comments or the attempts to hide her feelings towards her partner. She was free — and allowing herself that independence had never felt more satisfying.


                  Once slowly beginning to inch away from one another, the realization of her actions hit her: she had actually kissed his forehead. The first romantic thing in their relationship, and it had began with her. How embarrassing. The blush only deepened then. The Meister stood, stretching a bit before spinning on her heel to face him once more.

                  “So, what d’you wanna do today?” 

And that was exactly why he was the one to do it. He had a feeling that Maka would have choked up or probably kept the thought to herself. Normally Soul was the guy who kept his thoughts to himself and only spoke when it was necessary—like teasing her for example… or making sure they lived on a mission—but when it came to this stuff, he decided he would start being a little more bold. For Maka’s sake. He knew her well enough. It would probably be a little while before she warmed up and started making those kinds of decisions…

Ah hell, no need to get so worked up about it. Soul shook himself out of his thoughts just in time to hear her smug comment about him being uncool and the moment he heard it, those rosy cheeks of his darkened even more and he sucked in a sharp breath. 

   ”Yeah, well you’re one to talk!” Came his obviously flustered and terrible come back. He may have been the cool guy here, but even then a cool guy would blush when he finally managed to woo his ‘favorite’ lady. Who wouldn’t? Come on, this is Maka here— she was amazing and strong and so independent and beautiful; how on Earth did she fall for such a troublemaker like Soul?

Crossing his arms, the Weapon leaned back into the couch with a bit of a stubborn pout. He wouldn’t outright stick his lip out but Soul’s version of pouting usually consisted of glaring at the wall with a bored stare. Only this time, his face was colored to match the orbs stuck in his eye sockets. 

However, her inquiry pulled at his attention again and he eyed her for a second. 

      “.. What do you wanna do?”

M a k a:


                  His arms wrapped around her slender form. A slight element of surprise flew threw the Meister before lacing her fingers together, placing them at the nape of his neck. He had never hugged her before. Perhaps times when they were fighting, but never like this. Torso’s shoved together while his arms tangled around her body in a protective manner.


                   ”I-I’m sorry for hitting you,” she began, a tiny giggle mixed in with her apology, “and for saying ‘it’s your fault’ when it’s clearly mine.’” She considered continuing the list; "I’m sorry for not understanding music, or for not being strong enough to protect you."

                   Infinite possibilities that she could name off, but she decided to stop where she was.

                  She was hopelessly in love with her partner — perhaps the “Meister Weapon Love” ran in her family. Her arms tightened, as if she were to let go he would fly away, and she would wake up like it was all a dream. A wonderful … wonderful dream.


                   She gently drifted away from his grip, hand caressing just behind his ear as she planted a light kiss on his forehead, it fluttering just under his hair. 

"Don’t even worry about it."

This was his response to her apology as a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips. For all he knew, most of the hits he took by her arsenal of novels was because he deserved it. He was an idiot; he insulted her and messed around a little too far out of the boundaries, and so, he got hit. Albeit, sometimes he thought she could be a little rash…
   But that’s besides the point.

All that mattered in this moment was that they were finally able to let go of their stupid pride and let their feelings out. And now whenever he got the urge to hold her, he could. Whenever he felt drawn by her lips, he didn’t have to force himself back… well, maybe just for a little while longer. The scythe was much too worried about scaring her off. They may have finally shared how the felt about each other, but he still wanted to take this slow. This was Maka after all. 
   As badly as he wanted to… 

   ”…” His cheeks were darkened into the same ruby color that adorned his eyes. Honestly, he didn’t know what to expect once they parted from the embrace, but lips brushing against his forehead was probably the last thing he would have anticipated.
     No…maybe not. The last thing he expected was a hot make out session. Yeah..that was more unlikely. For now. 

"Um." Now she’s gotten him all flustered. His lips parted and closed again and repeated this action a few times before finally, he held a hand up to rub the back of his neck. 

"We.." A pause. "…We’re dating now, okay?" So bold.








Hm? Is there something I can help you all with?

   ”I was just wondering if you knew where BlackSTAR ran off to.
                                                  Tsubaki was lookin’ for him earlier. Got any clue?”